About the Mainspring Web Television Co.

The Mainspring Web Television Co was founded in 2010 by Producer Samuel Marlow following his first collaboration with The Kingsnorth Lobotomy to handle the production of his web television projects. Operating out of Tunbridge Wells in the Kent countryside, only a short distance from London, Mainspring was founded to create smart, entertaining content for the new and rapidly developing world of web television.

Kingsnorth LobotomyScott Kingsnorth in The Kingsnorth Lobotomy

Mainspring’s first production was comedy sketch show The Kingsnorth Lobotomy, featuring Scott Kingsnorth and other Lobotomites in a series of anarchic sketches featuring a parade of colourful and grotesque characters.

Kingsnorth Lobotomy Series 2

The second series of The Kingsnorth Lobotomy is currently in pre-production at Mainspring and will feature new characters, cast members, behind-the-camera talent and scenarios.

The company has a number of other series in the works. Midnight Blue, currently in production, is a character driven tale a young cynic who thinks the alleged masked crime-fighter who supposedly protects his small and peaceful town is a fraud. When he is proved right, then mistaken for the character’s replacement he is left with the choice of outing himself as a case of mistaken identity or trying to repair some of the damage the fraud left behind.

Midnight Blue

Meanwhile A Table and Chairs, currently in development, is a series of whimsical conversations between the various regular who sit at their "usual table" in a quiet corner of a coffee shop.

Also in development is Ballot, a comedy-drama about a political activist who publishes a sarcastic manifesto during his city’s mayoral elections and finds himself swept into power as a result of it.

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