"Midnight Blue" Makes the Headlines

2nd September 2015

Midnight Blue Makes the Headlines

In a strange case of life imitating art, imitating life, Midnight Blue has hit the headlines.

With so many prop newspapers being created for the production, it is sometimes hard to tell where fiction ends and reality begins. This wasn't made any easier when we opened the newspaper this morning to find a full-page dedicated to Samuel Marlow's web series and its cast.

Midnight Blue Article

With news that, since the pilot series premiering, Mainspring's production base of Tunbridge Wells had acquired yet another "superhero", local newspaper The Times of Tunbridge Wells spotted one of our "Sparrow" stills online and got in touch to find out the story.

After a brief chat with journalist Adam Wells, we were surprised and flattered to see that a full page of the weekly newspaper had been devoted to our exploits.

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